Some final announcements

  • Program as of Sep. 14 has been released.
  • We added some information on how you can get to the conference site: please carefully study “VENUE” page.
  • The conference site provides WiFi access with eduroam account. Please obtain your own eduroam account before your departure, if you hope to connect to the internet.

Registration open!

Registration is now open!
Please go to the Registration page and follow the instruction there.
We really welcome participants (and speakers) from all over the world.

On registration PLEASE NOTE THAT we strongly recommend that you reserve your accommodation as soon as possible, since Kyoto is a popular place for sightseers and is very crowded throughout year (although mid of September is relatively slow season).
Some information on accommodation can be found on the Accomodation page.


Invitation to KCNADE

KCNADE, Kyoto Conference on Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations, is an international conference on wide variety of topics regarding scientific computation and numerical analysis, with special emphasis on differential equations. The main topics covered include

  • Numerical methods for ordinary, partial or stochastic differential equations
  • Structure-preserving integrators for differential equations
  • Scientific computations on various applications
  • Other topics in numerical analysis and scientific computations

We welcome researchers or students on the above topics from all around the world.

Confirmed invited speakers are:

  • Ernst Hairer (Université de Genève, Switzerland)
  • Gerhard Wanner (Université de Genève, Switzerland)
  • John Butcher (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

The conference will be held in celebration of Professor Taketomo Mitsui’s 70th birthday.
The conference is tentatively scheduled in September 16th-20th, 2014.